Safety Tips

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, more than 451,000 residential fires occur every year. One third is caused because of problems in a home’s electrical system.

Some of the causes for electric fires are:

It is also a fact that electrical wiring problems cause twice as many fires as faulty electrical appliances.

However, adopting a few of the following safety measures can reduce the risk of an electrical fire:

Other Safety Tips for Your Home:

If you still have questions about your home’s electrical safety, call us for an inspection today!


New Construction

Need electric service or installation for your new construction? Contractors and homeowners can feel safe trusting their investments to our professionals. Whether we're servicing an older home or a brand new construction project.

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Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

A well-designed outdoor lighting system can greatly improve the beauty of your home and lawn. Keep potential intruders out, and make your home safe and secure with the proper landscape lighting design.

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Parking Lot Lighting

Does your home or business have ample lighting outdoors and in the parking lot? If not, it’s time to consider that you may be unwittingly creating a dangerous environment for your family and employees.

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