Basement Development

Does entering your basement make you feel like you are in a cavern? Wondering why you just never can find a use for that old dingy basement? Basement ceilings are low and the lack of natural or proper light makes it gloomy and less airy.

The right lighting mix can change the mood of your basement. You can opt for recessed lights for overall lighting or choose track lights to brighten up specific areas such as shelves, under cabinet area or above mantels. Surface-mounted spotlights and directional lights are other options to accentuate artwork or arches and columns. Your basement may also need rewiring to accommodate the new light fixtures.

We specialize in lighting and custom wiring solutions for basements. With customized lighting, and cabling for a home theater, telephone, TV, and ceiling fans, you may never want to leave your basement again!

We would love to bring your basement out of the dark!

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Are you a restaurant owner or contractor looking to sub-contract electrical installations and maintenance jobs for commercial kitchens?
Our service technicians are highly skilled and trained in all aspects.

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Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

A well-designed outdoor lighting system can greatly improve the beauty of your home and lawn. Keep potential intruders out, and make your home safe and secure with the proper landscape lighting design.

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Parking Lot Lighting

Does your home or business have ample lighting outdoors and in the parking lot? If not, it’s time to consider that you may be unwittingly creating a dangerous environment for your family and employees.

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